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About Us

True Country Cooking

Bazens is a one of a kind experience in Florence Sc. The original owner started this restaurant in the 80s and many generations and hands later it has become what it is today. A staple of our great town of Florence. An old rumor that was said many years ago is everyone that works here is related to someone in some way or form. We took that family owned and ran logic and put it into the atmosphere so that every customer that walks through our doors also feels like they are apart of the family. Add that family feeling and mix it with the true country experience of the food and it becomes more then just a restaurant it becomes like home.

Meet Our Team

The closest thing I have to family will fill this page.

Day in and Day out our team comes together to prepare the most amazing breakfast and lunch they possibly can for the customers that come through our doors. Without this team We would not have remained open and available for this community all of these years.


A small part of the family

Front end and Back end coming together

The owners and staff on Cherie(one of the owners) Birthday celebrating the only way we know how to, COLORFUL!!!!


Ms. Mary

The one The only.

The beautiful mind behind Ms. Marys' Famous Chicken Salad. As well as the Dessert and Salad Chef. For every bit of sweetness that the customers come in to look for she is the reason for it. 


Mrs. Tamara

Head Lunch Chef

The way these ladies can make something so delicious with just a wave of their hand is absolutely astounding. She not only stands out in the kitchen but also strive to always be an example for the everyone, teaches the new hires so that they can be successful in this business, and makes sure the buffet looks beautiful everyday for you all that walk through our doors.

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