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Bazens Restaurant

So you never have to go far for your grandmothers cooking.

Your Home away from Home!

Welcome to the Bazens Experience. Where our family becomes like Your 


About Us

Our Roots

Originally Founded in Darlington back in the 80s. The first owner always held the belief that his restaurant should be a place for generations to grow up in being the true essence of a family restaurant. and for more the Three Decades we have kept this objective. So from our family to yours welcome and enjoy.


Family Owned Business

From our Family to yours

Being a family owned business we strive to always prepare food how we cook it at home. This gives that true "From our table to yours" kind of feeling that we want. This way you don't just feel like your going out to eat. You feel like your coming home for dinner.


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We can either bring the food to you or we can come serve it. 

Delivery Services

We now offer DoorDash.

Low Prices

We do pride ourselves in being one of the most affordable breakfast and lunch buffets in Florence.

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